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6 must-know kitchen and bathroom design trends

6 must-know kitchen and bathroom design trends

Many home owners today wonder whether they can turn their bathroom or kitchen into something suitable to make rounds on Pinterest or Instagram. As more people want to give their home a personalized and stylish touch, home decoration and interior design are always hot and potentially incompetent.
The only problem is that you can increase your brain. If you have ever tried to choose a blue or colored shade to paint the wall, then you know that there are so many options.
With more than 140 years of design of kitchen and bathroom products, Kohler kitchen and bath designers and product specialists have joined the Big Brain Trust, which will recognize six main kitchens and bath design trends for 2017.
1. All in the mix. We all know that patterns play a big role as to how large rooms look and which attributes or accents are stressed. For all the importance of the pattern of people, many patterns are afraid of blending - or mix - pattern. be brave! When this happens, it can make a vibrant, energetic place that makes your room more secure, if you run it safely.
2. The perfect couple are the two most wonderful colors in the kitchen and bathroom these days are velvet blues and vivid greens. Blues is timeless and can work well in most situations, but add a little amount of blood oranges and you have built in-room infected vibes. The combination of two complementary colors creates a statement dramatically.
3. A soft white Bathrooms and kitchens provide this whimper to traditional white, clean, bright. However, the appearance may be a little clinical. Once around this problem, once the bronze, gold or bronze tone is white. A microscopic touch on the cabinet or backspace can create a warm atmosphere that softens all the white space.
4. Keep it neutral. If you are looking for fun, vibrant colors, but not everyone is ready to go, consider neutral blue, blush sand and other direct-to-nature colors. It's more fresh than the standard badge! Such transparent neutrales are beautifully illuminated and lend themselves to contradictory elements.
5. Amber glow living room has been expanded. The kitchen is not just for the preparation of food and the bathroom is not ready. People want a cousin, house frames for both of these rooms. Top designer Smokey does this by adding a series of metal fixtures attached to Graz, a combination that creates dramatic and welcoming rooms.
6. Noor. From the onset of black stainless steel equipment, Black has made way for the main color in the kitchen and bathroom. Later, black and white twins became real showstores. The purpose here is to work with high contrast: strong color-blocking patterns and extreme stripes. To create an ideal modern mix, two timeless colors will be combined.

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6 must-know kitchen and bathroom design trends
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