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Make a long career self-created - Hema Malini

The 70-year-old Hema Malini's evergreen Dreamgirl appears in the real life by playing an actress, dancer, wife, mother, leader and character of Rina Life in real life. She recently performed dance ballet performances on her Ganga river in Varanasi on 22 January, during her visit to Juhu's bungalow.

In that interview, he enjoyed the practice of this ballet with his grandfather and enjoyed discussions about his dance and his personal life.

Hema Malini says about the reasons why this ballet was done, that in my mind the plan was for the last four or five years. I performed 12 minutes with daughter Esha on the music created by Ravindra Jain. Ravindra asked me to increase my performance time but it was not possible for me and in the process of going to Ravindra, I was completely repentant but afterwards, Asit Desai took charge of the music.

Eight months ago Sushma also inspired me to do such a performance, but I was also excited for this performance. Bhagrath worked to bring the Ganges river to the earth. When I tried to live on the stage with the Ganges river.

Hema Malini said about this project, what she wants to say, that this project is for India is for our country. Recently when I visited Varanasi's Gangadi, I felt very clean. I want to support this campaign and save water. My second objective is to highlight People of my hometown Mathura complain of salt water. Pollution levels have increased in rivers. Due to which the grounds are also being destroyed.

At the age of 70, Hema Malini gave her two hours of performance. You did not tired of that ... The actress laughing in her reply said that this story has been going on since ages. And if I should do a ballet about this gangatma, I still feel tired after one-and-a-half hours of performance. However, all this is a change in your mind set and viewpoint.

If you are an actress along with a member of Parliament, in response to your plans in the next five years, she said that I am not astrologer and I do not even know what I will do. Did Dharmendra see your performance, in his reply, Dreamgirl said that he saw my Yashoda Krishna ballet.

It is also because of my daughter Ahana that they say that at the time of performance you feel like you came from another creation on this creation and I can not find you in it. When you are a very important person for someone, this is the spirit that I can not give the form of words.

Your two daughters are Esha and Ahna dancers. What to say about your daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law, Dear and Radya. In response to this, the actress said that the son of Ahana comes in the gallows after seeing my rehearsal. He behaves like a big actor. And Radhya also wants to dance. Seeing my dance she does it like me. Children do what their grandfather does.

ALITA: Battle Angel

ALITA: Battle Angel

A board named Dr. Dixon Edo hangs on the door. Dr. Edo is a special surgeon of cyborg, who has a specialty of various diseases, has also written on the board. Organic cyborg is a mixture of both human and machine. In order to grow such people in the future, even its surgeons will need it! In the film, the future is that of the year 2563 (after 544 years ago).

Increasing the population on earth, then the people made the city tingling in the sky (space city). There was a great warrior. Many parts of the earth have been broken. The people who were left were not living in their country or region. All came and lived in a city named Aryan City. Aryan City was the only Earth population that could absorb.

On the other hand, all the space caps were broken by the Mahaudhas except Jhalim. Anyone wishing to stay in Aryan City was going to Jhalam, but going to Jhalalam was difficult to break seven tables.

Being a future city, modernization like a one-wheeled bike, a special kind of rickshaw, came in Aryan. After the Mahayudh, however, the city has been transformed into a scam, there is no attractive building or no direct road. Because the attackers were the Mangalis. 300 years have passed since the attack.

Working in a factory for people living in Aryan city was the only employment option. Another hidden work was going on in Hunting. There was a whole army called Warrior Hunter, whose job was to kill criminals from the city and kill him. If there is a killing, then you can get points, and if the number of points is increased then you will get reward for going to jail. For a team of cyborg was working fulltime hunter hunt.

The town was ruled by a villain named Nova. Nova did not resist anyone directly, but he kept on gripping a motorbike competition. Machine-man was on the track and caught the ball in front of the game. The winner of the last one round of the competition, which will win the last one, will also get a chance to go to Jhalams.

In short, all those who were great in Aryan City were working to go to Jhalames. The rest were working in the filling factory. In the factory, the content for Zalem City and the content was sent over the same. No one else knew what was above, the other.

There was also a man ruling in Jalal, who was named Vector. When Vector wanted, he could enter another's body. In fact, he lived in someone's body in Aryan City. But that is one of the secrets of the film's various mysteries.

There was another gang in the city, who was working to steal Cybeg's body parts. Many people in Ayrian City were cyborgs. If all the hands or legs were broken, they would come to Dr. Ida for treatment. Even the Spar parts of the people were working for Nova, so he was stolen by someone else.

There were few people who could be called gentlemen in the city and there was a Dr. Ida. Dr. Edo, moving around the scalp's mug, found one body parts. The upper part of the brain and body was a witness. Being a cyborg expert, Dr. Edo tied the body with the body and one of them got ready.

The girl did not remember what happened earlier in her life. Dr. Ida kept her name Alita. Dr. Edo had an old relationship with Alita, which is also the smallest mystery of the film. When Alita came out in the market, she met a young man named Hugo. The friendship of both of them got burnt. Even though Dr. Idi's injunction, Elita was roaming around there. There were many unknown dangers in the city, so Alita was not aware of it.

Often Dr. Idi was out on the night, going somewhere. One day, Elita went behind them. See if Dr. Idi is also a Warrior Hunter. At that time, Dr. Gidwitska, a cyborg attacked Dr. Oedo. There were also Grewisco's other colleagues. Edo alone could not reach him.

But Alita, who is chasing, smashed the whole mass and sabotaged the giant Saiborg Gravisa. At that time, Dr Aid realized that Alita may be seen, even though she is masam, heartless and heartless. It is possible to fight Bhalbala. At the same time, Nova and his team also came to know that Sava, who has been eating sugary sweets, has got into a city. Now it's going to end.

How to eliminate Elita? Noah found the way. Hugo caught lover from Alita's friend There is a connection between Hugo and Nova, and this is undoubtedly the secret of the film. Nova gave Hugo a lure that if Alita is ready to participate in motorboat competition, then the way to go to Hugo will be paved. By the time Alita had also filed her name as a Warrior Hunter because her aggressive activity was like that.

Alita has shown her willingness to participate in a motorbike competition. Dr. Ida initially made an aunt-kana, but then turned down the yes. When the competition started, it was decided that the competition is really dangerous, so the plan is to eliminate Elita. Alita could not have withdrawn from it, but she could do it all.

Competition started in the stadium, one group of Warrior Hunter came to kill Hugo. Hugo called Alita for help, and until she reached Hugo by completing her work, many body parts were broken.

Dr. Hoido's body piece was inserted by Dr. Edo. After that, the cured Hugo began to climb up the hefty pipe after taking up a manger. But watched over by the Victor, he wasted it on the way.

Alita was also going to save there, but before that, there was a fragment of Hugo, which had a cyborg body. Now Alita is the only nine
Online Puja-Path

Online Puja-Path

Online Puja-Path
Compared to the developed countries, India may have been lagging behind in progress, but Pandit Pujari has brought rituals, puja etc. to religion. As the worship of rituals and rituals continued to grow, the priest class continued to flourish in the same way.

Since the year 1991, the period of liberalization and privatization began in the country. Increasing employment with people migrated from this. In such a situation, people associated with the root of the worship and rituals became disillusioned. When Pundapujari's business, used to eat free of food without any effort, he has adopted a new technique to cheat, which is visible in the form of rituals such as online philosophy, aarti, worship and pindand, tarpan and shradha. These online punds specialize in cutting online pocket, connected to applications such as Skype, Google, Facebook Chat.

It is clear that the priests have been trying to foil the people by maintaining the sacraments from every level. The point of the extent is that governments are also helping to open their hearts in this work, after death, when there is no existence of human being, even then, the business of liberating from the Live Pindand is in the hands of the online pooja package. . Modern pundes are trying their best to fill their pockets by showing the arti and philosophy of famous temples online. In such a way, it is better to be cautious of the priests giving the online pooja.
Live pinddan

In the past, Allahabad, now in Prayagraj, some priests started the live pindandan. The priest here said, 'Videococcus is being pumped live. At the time of the ritual, a person will stand on mobile and will show everything in it, which will be easily seen by our host sitting far away. In return we charge big money from the hosts. "

Dharm made Pandavas rich
The priest, the priest, is making money by making religious people in many ways, but the real problem is that the wealthy students are in the thoughts of the rich, whose pockets are hot and the money is thrown out of fear of religion. By looking at these wealthy hosts, the poor society also falls in the same way as priests. This is the reason that the batsmen of the live thief are getting batches.

In the past, see the example of online pindanda- Priyagraj's Purohit Vijay Pandey has sent quota 21,000 to Vijender Rajput, Virendra Kumar and Bhairon Singh Pindada of Jaipur. Purohit Ashutosh Paliwal has sent thousands of rupees to Virendra Pandey, Mohnish Bharma, Bhayam Dwivedi, Vikesh of New Delhi, Vikheshwar Singh Chauhan of Chhindwara, and thousands of rupees have been paid in the prescribed date.

The thing to think about is that a laborer who earns 20,000 rupees in spite of working hard in the daytime, while the pandanand ponds only make a man in a few hours by directing the owl, or 21,000 or more of the lime to read. These pundits, who do not do any work themselves, are only making a poor man by revealing religious fear to the person who read in the name of rituals.

Official seal on

In the Mahakal Mandir located in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, there were reports of online booking for Darshan and Aarti in the past. There, the Aarti administrator Pradeep Soni had instructed to build near the 250-odd Darshan counter. Meaning the Mahakal temple administration was able to collect the amount of 250 rupees for the money from the devotees of their Lord.

Obviously this process has been done online for more recovery. Not only this, the Mahakala mobile app was also launched, which was initially made online, but later it was closed for bookings of Darshan.

In the same way, in the Kali temple of Uttar Pradesh's capital, Lucknow, in the year 2018 Navaratri was booking a quota of 2,100 for the make-up of the temple. In another case, the announcement of anointing of 5,100 online deposits of the Brahma temple in Pushkar, Rajasthan was announced. Booking for Vip Darshan system was also discussed in the temple. It was claimed that the income from this will be invested in the development of the temple. The surprising thing is that at the time the decision was taken in Pushkar, the temple was managed by a government committee whose president was then the district collector.

Fear even after death

Indeed, Hindu religious texts have made people so scared that even after people die, when there is no survival, then there is a feeling of sympathy. According to Hindu scriptures, the deceased does not get freedom until a family member does not give up.

However, the priest has given a relaxation to his advantage, in which if a kin does not do the last rites, Brahmin can perform the funeral. There will be no hindrance in getting salvation from the deceased. In this way Garuda Puran and Smriti Puran give guarantee to give salvation through the help of priests. To get salvation after death, there are many websites and mobile apps, along with the Haitek Pandits of the main religious towns of the country, who are promoting this type of Pongapanti.
Ayushmann Khurana's film ' BADHI HO'

Ayushmann Khurana's film ' BADHI HO'

The success of the actor Ayushmann Khurana's film ' BADHI Ho' has succeeded in turning away from the leaks like Ayesha Khurana's previous films 'Wiki Donor' and 'Bareli Ki Barfi', but has succeeded because of the base on ordinary people's lives. Amit Sharma, who made advertising films, has shown the reality in this film, and this is why he has crossed the figure of 100 crores even though he has a rough subject, and opened the way for older women to become mothers.

Before family planning, the children would have been wanting. When the first child was in the age of 14-15 years old, it was not great to be in the age of 40-45 years and at the same time the child of the child could have had the first time. Now, when the marriages of children have started around 30 and the methods of family planning are easy, then there is an eye attack on late children.

This is not the case of a late child. 'Badhai' tells the story of the lives of ordinary middle-class families, who live between the lack of space, the bonded social beliefs, neighbors' interference. Amit Sharma spent his childhood in Jangpura area of ​​Delhi and he embarked on the same film in the film. That's why filmmaking is less in film. Audiences like this kind of films because such movies revolve around and without any heavy publicity goes on.

We have been dominating religious stories and that's why every second movie contains Pueti heroines from fictional sets, super adventures of superheroes, make-up. We are actually addicted to Ramlila, in which even Sita in the forest revolves around the crown of gold. Seeing them, our logical power has been answered and the picture of the typical middle family like 'Badhai' is not digested.

In fact, the reason for our misery is that we usually run away from real problems. We need miracles at all. For the idols of Ram temple and Sardar Patel, they spend billions of rupees in rupees, so that it will happen to them that happiness will spread everywhere. With this hard work, our Pandeys fill our minds in the movies which are seen in the movies and where people live in palaces, roam in big cars and heroes perform miraculous work. Films such as 'Badhai', 'English Winglish', 'Hindi Medium' were successful, so that the common people who were struggling with everyday problems were shown in their real environment.

Life is tough and hard. Need to understand this understanding. These mantras will not be from the democracy. For this, a story should be told that people can understand the pleasures of the common people, those who worship and pray Ram Ravan do not have the war.

My father's immortal legacy and anomalous memory in a fierce fire have erupted

My father's immortal legacy and anomalous memory in a fierce fire have erupted

My father's immortal legacy and anomalous memory in a fierce fire have erupted
Rishi Kapoor says very heavy,
All the heroin clothes, decorations, jewelry and furniture etc. of Awara, Shree 420, Jeet Deshmeen Ganga Bahti Hai, Mera Naam Joker, and Prem Lagaan and Ab la Lata Chale have been destroyed. The Joker Mask, which was played by Raj Kapoor in Mera Naam Joker, was a multi-lingual: Bobby's film After success, my father bought our property because he had all his earnings RK Studio's collection Giving up for the release: I was barely two years old when I was involved in the shooting of Mr. 420 Pyaar Hua Ekker Hua in the rainy season

My self Dadaji was a cinema religion for Raj Kapoor and RKstudio home. No one even after RK Films was Bobby Superhit, then my father bought his own home.

The fact was that my father used to give all his earnings to RK Stuudo. The horrible fire in the studio was a nightmare for our family because it was burnt to death by the many memorable memories of my father's immortal creation films.
These words are Bollywood's greatest film producer and actor Shawman Rajkupur's son Rishikpoor.

On Saturday, September 16, 2007, there is news of heavy losses in RK Studio unit no.1 in the flames of flames that took place at around two-and-a-half hours.

However, the talented actor of Bollywood and Rishikapur, son of Raj Kapoor, said with great sadness that due to fire, RK Studio has suffered a lot and over time, we will be able to create a new studio but the damage to my memories and memories of my father and his memorable creative films How can I compensate for this? The emotionally attached fibers associated with this studio have been broken. How do I pair again?

Rishi Kapoor recalls his father's films and his memoirs with RK Studio, RK The history of the studio film producer is very long and immortal. Some of the memorable films of the studio were shot in the same unit, which were burnt to death in the same fire.

Filmmakers in Hindi films have worked in the studio. Also, my own memories are closely linked to this studio. My father Swaprajapure Saheb told us that when he was barely 25 years old, during the production of Awaara film, the same building of four walls of RK Studio unit no.1 Work was done.

Over time, in this studio, memorable, honorable and superhit films such as Awaara, Mr. 420, Jeet Deshmeen Ganga Bahati Hai, Mera Naam Joker, Satyam Shivam Sundaram, Ram Teri Ganges Miley, Dharam Karm, Premrug and This Loot Chale were produced. At the shooting of the Awaara Mera Pardesi, Awaara movie, Aya Mera Pardesi ... was only four walls in the studio and there was no roof over. The shooting of the entire song was done after sunset because at that time the electricity supply in Chembur was started at night only.

Mera Naam Joker, Karega, Premog, Memon Ki Baarat, Damini, Rafa Chakkar, Khel Khel Mein, Amar Ankheni, Agneepath, Dey Day, Do Duni Charan and Kapoor and Sons, and play various roles in honorable films, and Rishi Kapoor, considered to be romantic actor of Bollywood Recalling memories, says RK Studio, my childhood and my film career are both. I remember exactly

In this song, my father, Raj Kapoor and Nargisji, are seen on the three small rocky roads along with rain in the song. We are brother-in-law. This song was shot due to the shooting of this song in Mumbai's autumnal year. As a result, I was constantly crying. However, Nargisji gave me Cadbury Chocolate By giving them a reason to convince them that I do as my father says. Shoot the song in the rainy season.

Now tell me, how deep would I have been when I had such a fierce fire in R.K.Studio and when my childhood memories were burnt down? Today I am 65 years old and at this place I spent 63 years of my life. So there is another house for our family, so my brothers, Randhir and Rajiv are also very sad with me.

Rishi Kapoor, who received two Filmfare awards twice a month after filming his second ininjay in Bollywood, says that he is very sensitive to the fires of the studio, and the mother of the Kapoor family, Krishna Kapurji, is very sad. They can not accept this event. My mother is the founding stone of R.K.Studio and it is also associated with many celebrated occasions.

Even today, due to his age, his health was soft, he wanted to see the damage done in the studio, but we explained to him that due to fire there is a spread of smoke, your health will get worse. You do not worry, all the good will happen. In fact, the fire started at two o'clock in the afternoon, 11 fire tankers completely boiled. We are grateful for that excellent performance of Fire Brigade.

In the fierce fire of RK Studio, Awaara, Mr. 420, from Jis Desh Mein Ganga Bahti Hai, Mera Naam Joker, Satyam Shivam Sundaram and Above Late Chale movies, decorations, films made from RK Films banner.

Superhit pairs in terms of box office

Superhit pairs in terms of box office

Superhit pairs in terms of box office
When it comes to marriage, it is said that pairs are created from heaven. But when it comes to Rupee diaphragm, it decides the box office. Every Friday, the combination of these pairs is determined that the pair is about to end in the coming days. However, the box office has made a number of memorable pair, whose popularity has not diminished even over time.

The recently-released movie, Shubh Mangalam Saludna, has joined the pair of Ayushmann Khurana and Land Paddanekar's composite pairs list. Both of them debut in 'Dum Laga or Hiisha' in Bollywood. The film proved to be a hit and Jadei also got hit. Then both of them were to come together in Manmarija. But for some reason the film got stuck.

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are both popular on the screen and in reality. Both of them first appeared in Ramlila and then Bajirao Mastana was also a hit. Now he is working with 'Padmavati'.

Deepika Padukone and Shahrukh Khan's pair also look beautiful on the periphery. Both acted in 'Om Shanti Om', 'Chennai Express' and Happy New Year. Their magic flashes on the screen.

Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan were very much liked by the viewers. Both worked for the first time in the Bajirang film. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge then minced films at the box office. This pair also proved to be super hit. Then both worked with the movie 'Main Name Is Khan' and Dilwale. Even today, the pair is so much a hit.

Katrina Kaif worked with almost all the superhero artists. In which Akshay Kumar likes to join the audience. Both give hits like Namaste London, Singh Is King, and Welcome. Katrina is also liked as well with Salman Khan. Seeing the pair of both, viewers also speculate about having close relationships with each other. Now the film 'Tiger Zindah Hai' is under production.

  On the other hand, Katrina and Hrithik pair also look very similar to Katrina and Hrithik pair. Hrithik and Kate Zindagi worked with films such as Milegi Dobra and Bang Bang. Both of these films were successful at the box office.

In addition to Hrithik Katrina, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has also made hits like Dhoom-2, Jodha Akbar, Guzarish.

Talking about the decade of the 90s, the pair of Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit were super hit. In 1987, the first film of both was 'Hafjat'. However, the duo's duo got their genuine popularity from the 1988 film 'Taseb'.

After seeing the importance of 'Bonding', both of them gave superhit films like Ram-Lucknow, Beta and Parinda.

Juhi Chawla's pair was superhit with Aamir Khan. 'Qayamat Se Qayamat Takan' films minted at the box office. So the 'Ishq' movie proved too superb.

Amitabh and Rekha pair were very popular in the seventies-eighties. However, today the audience likewise likes this pair. However, as the equation of relationship between both of them looked distorted, the couple had stopped working with this pair. However, both of them have given some memorable films to the box office.

At one time Dharmendra and Hema Malini's pair were synonymous with each other. The pair were watching the pair together at the ticket window. The screen of love and the screen is very much liked.

In the seventies-eighty decade Rajesh Khanna was said to have said that the superhero stars also got faint in front of 'Aka Aka, Below Kaka' Aenea Stardom. Rajesh Khanna's pair Sharmila Tagore and Mumtaz were very much liked.
Today, millions of leopard TVs Artists' first earnings

Today, millions of leopard TVs Artists' first earnings

Today, millions of leopard TVs Artists' first earnings
Artists getting popularity in the television industry are earning millions of episodes. However, you may be surprised to know about their first earnings.

Divyaanka Tripathi: Yeh Hai Mohabbat First earning - 250 rupees.

The actress made her first acting at an event in Bhopal. In return, he was paid Rs. 250 as a monthly payment. However, the actress says that she has not passed the check of Rs 25-odd rupees received today. The first earning is very important for this, the actress said.

Lopa Mudra Rout:
Showbiz's 10th Season
First earning 5000

7 years ago Actress participated in a fashion show. The show's show was Stopper Sushmita Sen. The show's owner gave Lapa Padra 5000 rupees for a ram walk. From this rupee he celebrated remuneration before treating friends.

Karan Patel: Show - Yeh Hai Mohabbatte
First earnings: 6000

The actor had made his career by advertising a bank. For which he had recovered as much as 6000 rupees.

Hope Negi:
First earning Rs 3500

The actress made her first earnings while studying in a college in Dehradun. Then that track b. P. Was working in O And every month we got 3500 rupees as salary. She put her first salary in her mother's hand. However, some of these moms returned her to her mother. The device used to give a party to nearby friends.

Shashk Vyas: Shaw Balika More
First earnings 1100

When Shashank was in the first year of college, she wanted to buy a new denim jeans for her birthday. For this, he decided not to take money from his parents. To do this, he worked for ten days in a mall to give information about various offices running there. For this work, he got 1100 rupees. And with this money he bought denim.

Hina Khan: Show -
Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai
First earning - 45000

The actress got 45 thousand rupees for her first show, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Who had spent the money taken by the cellphone for his parents.

Ravi Dubey: Show - Jamaati King
First earnings: 20,000 rupees

The actor got his 20,000 rupees from the first advertisement of his career. He bought gifts for his family from this first earning.

Neha Marda: Show: Dolly Armano Key
First earnings: 1.35 lakh

Neha had received one lakh rupees thirty thousand rupees for the first time.

From which he had spent Rs. 101 on the other side for the Lord.

Sharad Malhotra:
Show - Maharana Pratap
First earnings: 25000 rupees

In the year 2000, for the first time, the first shoot was for the Reliance SIM card. For which, the actor got 2500 rupees in the first place. Who had spent gifting him.

Rashmi Desai: Show Up
First earnings: 1000 rupees

Rashmi started a photo shoot for a hair company in the beginning of the career. For which he met a thousand rupees. He used this earning to buy saris for the mother.

Tina Dutta: Show - Uttaran
First earnings: 500 rupees

When Tina was four and a half years old, she participated in a play for which she was given 500 rupees. This money was purchased for the money.

Shradha Arya: Show - Dream Girl
First earnings: 10,000 rupees

Shraddha shot an ad for a detergent. It received a remuneration of 10,000 rupees as compensation.

In the joy of being able to shoot the first ad, he spent this amount to fast his house in a luxury hotel.

Rhythm Dogra: Show- Limit
First earnings: 1000 rupees

Actress earned a thousand rupees by interpolating during college. After collecting the months of thoda months, Rithhi went to Goa with friends.

Thus, artisans who earn a modest amount of 250 or so in the beginning of the career, are now reaching the peak of success and earning millions of crores.

Mohamed Najim:
Show - Saath Nabha Saathiya

First earning - 5000 rupees

Mohammed took part in the first fashion show. The person whose remuneration was found to be worth 5000 rupees. This first earning was given to her mom.